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Maximize Positive Community Impact by Helping Texas Collegiate Athletes Succeed

How We Help

The Texas One Fund creates a positive community impact through a one-stop fund that connects Texas athletes and charitable causes. In doing so, Texas One Fund assists Texas athletes in cultivating and facilitating Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities. Through alignment, appearances, activations, donations, and promotions with local nonprofit organizations, we ensure every student-athlete can capitalize on their NIL to become the best version of themselves on and off the field.

Texas One Fund
About The

Texas One Fund

Texas One Fund is a fundraising organization that seeks to raise support for charitable causes through Texas athletes NIL.Through the generosity of donors, brands, and fans, the Texas One Fund seeks to promote charitable causes and events through partnerships with Texas athletes and in turn support access to charitable name, image, and likeness for these athletes, unlocked through participation.

Cultivate – relationships with charities, businesses, donors, fans, and athletes
Facilitate – charitable opportunities in a compliant fashion
Educate – college athletes on business and working with charitable causes
Protect – eligibility of college athletes

  • Image of Pro Basketball Player - TJ Ford
    The best University in the country deserves an NIL program to match. With Austin now home to some of the biggest businesses in the world, we knew there was an easy way to connect the business community to athletes while creating something that not only facilitates opportunity, but also educates and helps prepare them for life after sports.
    TJ Ford Pro Basketball Player
  • Image of Football Safety - Kenny Vaccaro
    "Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in many facets, and we intend to ensure that all student-athletes at Texas have a way of participating in those immense financial opportunities while maximizing their community impact."
    Kenny Vaccaro Football Safety
Texas One Fund