How It Works

How It Works

The Texas One Fund is a pioneer in the NIL space and the preeminent fund for NIL opportunities nationwide through the combination of Horns with Heart, Occupy Left Field Foundation, and the 40 Pack. Clark Field Collective will become Clark Field Creative and work to activate opportunities in the community. Since the announcement of Clark Field Collective and Horns With Heart in December, the groups have worked diligently to procure sponsorship deals and funds for the University of Texas athletes.

The Texas One Fund works with donors and fans to connect them to University of Texas athletes to facilitate NIL opportunities.

Each sport has an advisory board made of former athletes, donors, and caring parties. These boards will work to bring in funding and contributions to help build the NIL funds for each respective sport. Donors can direct funds to the sport of their choice or contribute to the general fund to be disseminated amongst all sports.

  • Brand or individual brings a deal to Texas One Fund
  • Deal is entered into Opendorse software platform
  • Athlete is notified and accepts deal in Opendorse
  • University Compliance Is Copied and Notified
  • Athlete performs the required tasks with the selected nonprofit
  • Athlete uploads proof of task in Opendorse and Texas One Fund approves
  • Athlete Is Paid Through Opendorse
  • Can I direct my contribution to a particular sport?

    Yes, you can select the sport you wish to contribute to or contribute to the general fund.

  • Can I set up a deal with an individual athlete?

    If you are interested in an individual athlete, deal, or charity, please contact us directly at

  • Can my deals with athletes involve the school logos and marks?

     Currently, Texas One Fund deals will not involve the school marks and logos.

  • Is Texas One Fund affiliated with the University of Texas?

    No, Texas One Fund has no official affiliation with the University of Texas. We are a third party created to work adjacent to the University in order to maximize community impact and support Texas collegiate athletes.

  • How does my contribution break down?

    Texas One Fund keeps operating costs to a minimum. That being said, expenses will be incurred to ensure the organization functions properly and efficiently. We will incur expenses around software, marketing, events, content creation, legal work, accounting, college-athlete education, experiences, and more. Our board will review contributions on an ongoing basis to ensure funds are spent in the most effective and fair way possible.

  • Are contributions tax deductible?

    Yes, Texas One Fund has been granted tax-exempt status as an organization under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). (This is not tax advice, consult a tax professional.)

  • Will every athlete receive the same amount in a deal?

    No, contracts vary based on the specific athlete and the requirements of the contributor and/or activation. Each opportunity is individually negotiated and agreed upon by the athlete and the Fund. The Texas One Fund seeks to provide equal opportunities for both male and female student-athletes that lead the nation in each respective sport we support.

  • Are contracts with college athletes exclusive?

    No, contracts are not exclusive. We want all Texas student-athletes to thrive under NIL and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.

  • Are there any limitations on NIL deals?

    There are many NCAA and legal limitations on NIL deals. Please feel free to reach out to the following: or with specific questions or for more information.

  • Can I pause, cancel, or change my contribution?

    Yes, donations can be managed via donors online accounts and paused or amended at any time. Donors can also email us at and we will be happy to assist with the process.

  • Can Texas One Fund enter into an agreement with a high school or transfer student-athlete?
    No. NCAA rules and Texas state law do not permit Texas One Fund to offer or arrange an NIL deal for a student-athlete prior to their enrollment at Texas.